William E Andreas 6th Degree Black Belt. 

    USA Judo International Gold Coach

 I have been elected as the Operations Director of Florida Judo Inc. I am now available to anyone that is needing information on Judo Clubs here in Florida. 

I am also the Promotion Secretary of Florida Judo Inc. All Kyu & Dan Rank Promotions must be submitted to this office with all the necessary paperwork first before going to the Florida Judo Inc. Promotion Committee. Upon approval we will send all promotion request to USA Judo Inc. promotion Board. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns about Florida Judo. 

Note! Don't send your paper work to USA Judo as that will only delay your promotion as they will be sending it back to Florida Judo Inc. promotion Secretary for processing.  

The Club History is from my previous students. 

Need more info: Call 407-924-5836

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