Andreas Sensei started his judo career while on active duty. In 1985 he retired from the United States Navy as a Command Master Chief. From 1964 to the present day and over the last 50 years has produced judo champions on the State, National and International levels. As Head Coach for Central Florida Judo & Jujitsu. Mr. Andreas was awarded the 2008 United States Judo Associations Coach of the year.
  • President & Founder of Central  Florida Judo & Jujitsu Inc.
  • USA Judo Inc. Certified International Gold Coach
  • Head Coach American Institute of Judo & Karate
  • First President of the Massachusetts Judo Association.
  • Vice-President Florida Judo Association.
  • Director of Operations Florida Judo Inc.
  • Promotion Secretary Florida Judo Inc.
  • Florida Judo Inc. Vice-President of the Central Region .
  • Promotion Board American Traditional Jujitsu Association.
  • Master Examiner United States Judo Association.
  • Nage No Kata Instructor level "A"
  • Ju No Kata Instructor Level "A"